BETH O’BRIEN 04-30-17
Halifax Central Library. Photo from A as Architecture.


Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada may not be a terribly large city—around 400,000 people—but it certainly packs a punch. It’s got lots of history, an amazing art and music scene, excellent restaurants and bars/pubs, and, of course, lots of literary ties. And it’s on a harbour. If you love the ocean (which, I argue, you most definitely should), it’s a really pretty spot to stroll around.

I’ve been told that Halifax is like Boston’s smaller cousin. I visited Boston in the fall and, gotta say, they do have a similar vibe. Halifax also happens to be my hometown. I could write pages and pages about all the things you should do and see there, but I’ll try to stick to the highlights.

via Literary Tourism: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada