You Are Now Fully Optimized

Sunil Rajaraman   Co-Founder of,
CEO The Bold Italic, Columnist @Inc.

… When you wake up, it’s 6:00 a.m., you think. You’re not sure, so you ask Alexa. It’s 6:15 — you must have asked for some snooze time. You are late to start your fully optimized day.
You didn’t sleep well last night, according to your smart mattress. Lots of tossing and turning. Uneven heart rate. Maybe too much Philz the day before.
You got divorced two years ago. Marriage wasn’t optimal. All the studies show it adds to your stress. Anyway, it’s just a social construct. You need a more space-efficient mattress now. Maybe it’s time for a Casper.

You have a kid. She’s asleep. You check the UrbanSitter app to make sure your nanny is on his way.He shows up 45 seconds late. You are slightly irritated — you will monitor him extra close today on your Nest cams. Thank goodness you don’t have to interact with your kid today. The opportunity cost of your time is too high.

You weigh yourself on your smart scale. Your BMI is a little higher than yesterday. Shit. Not good. You may have to work out for 33 seconds longer today.
You ask your smart blinds to open. You love the summer sunlight. Time to take in some vitamin D. You were concerned from your last physical that your D levels were low. Too much time in the office. You recently switched to a standing desk, which allows for a better view and a better angle for more sunrays.

Time to get going. You put on your Lumo smart running shorts. You are a little upset because on your run yesterday, your ground-contact cadence time was off. You never played a sport in high school or college, but you are super-happy you got into running and competition now. It makes you a fully rounded person.

You can train with the running team from your large tech company and use the time optimally to make friends and bond on a deeper level. This is what intimacy and connection are all about. On cycling day you all joke about how you rank on Strava. True friendship.
You walk out the door. You lock your front door using your August Smart Lock app. Secure. Safe. You brought your Apple watch and your Fitbit today because you are excited to triangulate to see which is more accurate in terms of step count. You are also going to count steps in your head as a sanity check.

…The spreadsheets show that car ownership makes no sense. Neither does owning a house. Nor does owning really anything. Ownership is for suckers.

Finally, you’re running. Sunlight, breeze. Your AirPods blare the latest Malcolm Gladwell podcast. He’s so smart. So insightful. Ten thousand hours of practice. That’s what it will take for you to be great. You are on hour 461 of running. Not long to go till you’ll be great.
Back at the house. Time to hustle. Your coffee maker made three-fourths of one cup of coffee for you. Perfect. You don’t want to drink too much caffeine. The pH level in your body may be thrown out of whack. You can’t wait till the Apple Watch can measure that. When can you get access to the beta?
You call an Uber. You sold your car months ago. Uber is cheaper than car ownership. You’ve done the math. The spreadsheets show that car ownership makes no sense. Neither does owning a house. Nor does owning really anything. Ownership is for suckers.

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