Winter surfing in the North Atlantic is a sight few people ever see ‘

By Colleen Jones, CBC News

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Nova Scotia filmmaker shoots movie about North Atlantic surfing


Surfers Noah Wegrich and Noah Cohen get ready to hit the waves in Iceland for the film Perilous Sea, shot in the North Atlantic. (Mike Bromley)


Nova Scotia filmmaker Mike Bromley who grew up surfing off Cow Bay and Lawrencetown has completed his latest feature-length surf movie, Perilous Sea.

Three years in the making, Bromley, and his filmmaking partner Ryan Meichtry wanted to make the first surf film set in some of the world’s harshest surf weather — the rugged North Atlantic.

“The North Atlantic Surfer is definitely a special breed,” Bromley explained from Cow Bay, N.S., with the ocean as flat as a pancake behind him.

“It’s different than the blue water and palm trees that people are used to. The waves are amazing, we wanted to showcase that because a lot of times people don’t get to see how good the surf is in the North Atlantic.”

Filming in Nova Scotia, Ireland, and Iceland

The film is set in three cold and icy locations.

Undisclosed Nova Scotia surfing hot spots and difficult-to-reach locations in Iceland and Ireland.