A New Kind of Tiny House Cabin from Canada

via A New Kind of Tiny House Cabin | NewsStandard


After a hard busy day, practically everyone wants to find solace in a comfortable home — and one option to have a comfortable home affordably is prefab or modular construction. At its base, a home is a space for each individual or family, and inexpensive prefabs are meant to provide some comfort and a sense of ownership to people buying their first house on a budget. Small cabin homes are really charming and many home buyers are considering acquiring one like this.

In Lac Supérieur, located outside of Montreal, the Fraternité-sur-Lac recreational spot is home to a chain of contemporary, prefabricated houses beautifully designed by YH2. YH2 recreated an outdated model of a cabin and presented a series of stunning and elegant tiny cabin homes that are delightful design-wise.

Another incredible house creation is their “Spahaus” cabin, located in Canada. It has an open-plan living space. It was designed as nice holiday dwelling. The 21 cabins built with this plan are fashioned to make the most of the area’s natural scenery. Thus, the cabins have large windows that allow house dwellers to enjoy a good view of the forest.