The Oligarchs that the WestLIFE needs to Sanction … #WestLIFE

In support of the West LIFE, which has been under attack by one man’s insanity
V.Putin( #EndPutin )

Where are the “so-called “leaders of the 21st C? Bezos and Musk have not spoken in 52 days…regrettably and most absent are Bill Gates and the oracle of Omaha; who when they all have an opinion that is mutually beneficial to exponentially raise their wealth are they are incapable of silence yet …This Easter Sunday I have not heard any of these four say I bought Ukraine a single bullet ….out of the nearly a TRILLION$$ of #WestLIFE oligarch FORTUNES, can we have an opinion or a bullet from these 4 ? West LIFE has another 800 billionaires ripe for a sanction that can not only CRUSH Putin…..but save the Climate and moreover establish FREE WestLIFE over autocracy as the Globes intentions for a Jetsons adjacent 21stC going forward MAY BECOME A NEAR-TERM REALITY.

WestLIFE Oligarchs mentioned above that can be sanctioned in the unrelenting evidence of WAR Crimes in Ukraine and Provide $500,000,000,000.00 for the fight to stop those crimes and punish those committing from the top down while simultaneously liberating Russia from the control of madness
win and continue the #WestLIFE, frankly, these rich pussys and others of the monied ilk should be ashamed of themselves albeit unmonied, I am ashamed to be a witness rather than a participant in the effort for WestLIFE.

Enjoy your life while you can #SaferCovidLivingNS