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Adroit. 21stC thinker … |Founder| Sustainability | Carbon | AI | V.Proud Parent | I bleed Silver&Black | ChrOS-Android-Linux-Sony- UMIDIGI |VAMO | Canadian 🍁

Academic pursuits

Antebellum History & Economics
-Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Political Science – Public Privacy: Cyber Security & Human Rights.

-iVersity, Berlin, Germany
Photovoltaic Energy Engineering – Design / Build / Manage

-Delft University of Technology, Netherlands
AI MethodologyMachine Learning/Artificial Intelligence
-University of Helsinki.

 An expert in commercializing advanced technologies in new or mature markets. Global experience and expertise with a highly developed strategic and tactical approach to Success Escalation & Accomplishment.

Chas. possesses an exceptional combination of technical expertise and pragmatic business sense, critical components necessary to succeed in the global business market.

A 21st-century thinker, leader, and communicator to any audience, with over thirty years of experience in business performance enhancement. Global Business Development & Strategy Executive with over twenty years of experience in digital business performance enhancement.
As an early adopter and recognizing the potential of the Internet, Chas. has successfully introduced hundreds of clients to the power of online collaboration and communication.

Chas. has successfully managed projects in the Telecom, the Internet, Software Development, IP/Patent, and Financial services sectors during his career both domestically and internationally.
Successful ReNewable-NRG Tech & NRG economics participant since 1998.


ReNewable Energy tech – PV , Storage, MicroGrids, Wind, H2 Energy Data & Artificial Intelligence strategies, Carbon Economics. Fintech, Mobile Commerce Strategy, Commercializing Technology, International Business Development, New Ventures, Mobile Device Technology [s], Cloud Technology expertise, Network Bandwidth strategy.

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